29 Haunting Pictures Of An Abandoned Disney Theme Park

Published October 24, 2016
Updated February 10, 2017

More than a decade ago, Disney World permanently closed the gates of two of its most popular theme parks, River Country and Discovery Island. Instead of demolishing the parks, Disney has allowed them to rot in plain sight — a bit of an odd choice for a park known for its immaculate appearance.

Over the years, many have illegally entered the parks in hopes of documenting the disrepair. Using a drone camera, this year photographer Seph Lawless captured exclusive, never-before-seen images of the abandoned parks.

Take a look at what Lawless found — and learn about one tragedy that may help explain why Disney closed the parks — below:

Abandoned Disneyland Ride
Abandoned Log Flume Ride
Isolated Island
Graffiti Rock
29 Haunting Pictures Of An Abandoned Disney Theme Park
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If you'd like to see more of Lawless' work, you can visit his YouTube channel, Facebook page, Instagram page or follow him on Twitter.

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