The 9 Most Convincing Alien Abduction Stories In Modern History

Published October 7, 2020
Updated March 29, 2021

The UFO Abductions Of Audrey and Debbie Hewins From Their Childhood Room

An Inside Edition interview with Debbie Hewins.

Audrey and Debbie Hewins not only claimed that aliens exist, but that alien abductions do, too — and they’ve experienced them.

“I was probably about five years old or so,” said Audrey, “and a bright blue light would come into the room and the door would open, and there would be like, a foggy kind of misty blue light, just shining through the whole house. And these two figures would come in.”

Though Audrey’s first alien abduction allegedly occurred during childhood, she claimed these visitations continued well into adulthood.

“We have been together on abductions,” stated Audrey. “We have been up in crafts and seen our house from above. So we realized they are not from here. They are very good at mind erasing or whatever you want to call it. They’ll leave you with bits and pieces of things you can remember.”

Debbie added, “I remember one time being on a spaceship and standing there on the spaceship and the floor and the walls disappeared. And I was staring at the Earth.”

Though the twins refer to these entities as “the Bald Men,” what they’ve described to people willing to listen closely resembles what ufologists have dubbed alien Greys, or simply Greys. Greys are alleged to be a type of extraterrestrial being that is human-like in form, grey-colored, and with an enlarged, hairless head.

The twins said they pleaded with their parents not to put them to bed for fear of encountering the bald men, but the adults simply dismissed these alien stories as a ruse to stay up longer.

“They started doing all kinds of experiments on us when we were 12,” said Audrey.

While she was initially hesitant to come forward, Audrey claimed that after a non-human entity saved her from drowning in the ocean, she was inspired to dedicate her life to openly discussing her alien abduction experiences.

Neuroscientist Robert Davis, who was one of the first professionals to lend his support to the twins, explained that Audrey and Debbie Hewins’ experiences are “shared by many thousands, if not millions, worldwide.”

“It’s unreasonable to think that they would all be lying or reporting dreams and fantasies,” he said. “These events are consistently reported and should be taken seriously by everyone, in spite of their uniqueness.”

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