10 Interesting Things You Didn’t Know About American History

Published May 9, 2014
Updated July 18, 2018
American History Party Logos

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4. The Republican and Democratic Party symbols emerged less from political tact and more in jest and retribution. The Democratic Party’s donkey symbol was adopted in 1828, when, during an election, Andrew Jackson’s opponents called him a jackass. The Republican Party’s elephant symbol was adopted in 1874 after satirical cartoonist Thomas Nast drew an elephant, labeling it “the Republican vote.” 

American History Thomas Jefferson

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5. Most know that the nation’s first ginger president was a francophile, but they don’t know just how much he embraced the life of leisure. Here’s how much: when president, Jefferson would greet White House guests in his robe and slippers.

And while Jefferson didn’t adopt the bisou, he did initiate the custom of shaking hands when meeting people – as opposed to bowing that had been favored by George Washington (who didn’t like physical contact).

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