14 Animal Blood Sports That Were Once Considered Entertainment

Published December 18, 2017

From bear-baiting to goose-pulling, these animal blood sports were as violent as they were popular.

Goose Pulling Animal Blood Sports
Monkey Baiting
Bear Baiting
Bear Whipping
14 Animal Blood Sports That Were Once Considered Entertainment
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Our ancestors were a creative bunch. Their entertainment options were severely limited and yet they found countless ways to amuse themselves, some of which were far more violent than the leisure activities of today.

While nowadays we can satisfy our thirst for violence by switching on a crime show, back in the day (whether it was centuries ago, mere decades ago, or even still in some places today), that thirst could be satisfied by some truly disturbing animal blood sports instead. Severely injuring, maiming, or killing animals for the pleasure of spectators was as common a pastime as going to the movies is today.

Everyone loved a good spectacle and it wasn’t just crude men who reveled in animal blood sports. It was also women and children, from aristocrats on down. And sometimes, for these spectators, just watching blood sports wasn't enough – they actually got involved.

Learn more about some of history's most violent animal blood sports in the gallery above.

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Laura Martisiute
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