‘Appreciate America’ – A Fascinating Propaganda Series From World War 2

Published September 8, 2013
Updated February 9, 2018

While American forces fought Axis forces across the globe, America was also consumed with winning the war at home during World War 2. With Japanese-Americans sent to internment camps and intelligence agencies maintaining surveillance on German-Americans (and not to mention concern about organized labor), America was in a hyper-vigilant state of internal security. Part of this effort involved domestic propaganda, like this “Appreciate America” poster series distributed from 1942 to 1945:

Why You Should Appreciate America
Smash The Bottleneck World War 2 Propaganda Poster
Donald Duck Propaganda Poster
Don Winslow World War 2 Poster
‘Appreciate America’ – A Fascinating Propaganda Series From World War 2
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All 'Appreciate America' images via imgur.

For the flip side of propaganda, check out North Korea's brutal anti-American posters.

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