Who Needs The City? 9 Beautiful Towns You Have To Visit

Published July 29, 2015
Updated December 19, 2021

Sorry, cities, these beautiful towns prove that you're not the only ones capable of making tourists' mouths drop.

Get ready: you’re about to be struck with some serious wanderlust. From secluded towns tucked among looming mountains to frequently-visited, technicolor villages with more canals than concrete, we’ve selected a handful of destinations which prove that cities don’t hold a monopoly on culture:

Annecy, France



Travelers looking for a break from the sights–and smells–of Paris, delight: Annecy is here for you. Boasting all the French charm you could want and fabulous views of the southeastern French town is not to be missed. Whether it’s swimming in the aqua lake of Lac d’Annecy (one of the purest lakes in all of Europe), biking, or just walking about the old town area (Vieille Ville), Annecy begs to be explored. The provincial charm is further highlighted by the Ch√Ęteau d’Annecy, a restored castle that was once home to the Counts of Geneva.

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Beautiful Towns Annecy
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Who Needs The City? 9 Beautiful Towns You Have To Visit
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