Six Of The World’s Most Bizarre Modern Medical Treatments

Published January 26, 2013
Updated February 9, 2018

Frog juice

Frog juice is a concoction from Peru that is believed to restore the sex drive of its drinker. The Peruvian Viagra is a mixture of honey, aloe vera plant, an Andean root plant and – as the name suggests – a no longer ribbiting frog.

Bizarre Modern Medical Treatments: Beer Spas

Bizarre Modern Medicine Beer Spa

Source: Morava 24

In the Czech Republic, the effective treatment of sore muscles and joints, relaxation and improved complexion can all be achieved through one thing – a beer spa. As the name suggests, the sufferer bathes in beer, where the yeast is said to have cleansing properties.

Bizarre Modern Medicine Beer Spa 2

Source: Hotel Horal

Maggot Therapy

A historically favored treatment stemming from World War One, maggots have been known to treat gangrene, bone infections and infected gunshot wounds given its ability to cure bacteria strains faster than most other alternatives. Today, the common green-bottle fly maggots are used to eat dead tissues and can help save limbs from amputation.

Medicine Maggot

Source: Goringa

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