This Is What 7 Feet Of Snow Looks Like: The Buffalo Blizzard In Photographs

Published November 22, 2014
Updated January 12, 2018

Be thankful you don’t live in Buffalo, New York — this week, record snowfalls pummeled the area, leaving some stranded or trapped in their homes, schools, and offices for days. Lifelong Buffalo residents are calling it worse than the Blizzard of 1977, the infamous snowstorm that created snow drifts up to 30 feet high. These photographs show just how intense and crippling this week’s storm has been:

A lone resident of Buffalo braves the storm.
Aerial view of Buffalo blizzard rolling in.
Snowfall trapped this Buffalo resident inside his home.
This Is What 7 Feet Of Snow Looks Like: The Buffalo Blizzard In Photographs
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The heavy, lake-effect snow (totaling 85 inches in some areas) has led to abandoned vehicles, food shortages, accounts of looting, and at least 7 deaths. Warmer temperatures are making the cleanup effort a bit easier, but Buffalo city officials warn that flooding and roof collapses might soon follow.

The people of Buffalo are resilient to this bitter weather, however-- there have been at least two reports of Buffalonians braving the blizzard with sleds packed full of cold beer. If that wasn't enough to convince you of Buffalo's unshakable character, here's a video of two brave Buffalo residents surfing Lake Erie during the blizzard:

Chris Altman
Chris Altman is a freelancing writer and artist based out of Brooklyn, NY.
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