60 Rare Automobiles Discovered In A Broken Down French Barn

Published February 15, 2015
Updated January 8, 2018

“It is no coincidence that Artcurial has a collectors’ car department,” said Novikoff. “Certain cars, much like paintings or sculptures, are works of art, created by artists! Not only the engineering, but their styling reflects the history of design.”

Delahaye Coupe

Early Delahaye Coupé Chauffeur from the Baillon Collection © Artcurial

Though many would consider it a shame that such an amazing and limited collection of vehicles has been left out in the elements to deteriorate for half a century, the discovery that these cars still exist at all is downright remarkable.

Bugatti 57

Bugatti Type 57 © Artcurial

The cars were found in numerous states of disarray and disrepair. But before such rarity, its is all but guaranteed that each will fetch a hefty price when they go to auction.

Classic Cars Panhard Levassor

X76 or X77 Panhard-Levassor Dynamic coupé © Artcurial

This find just goes to show that items once thought lost to history can turn up in the most unlikely of places. Next time you pass that collapsed barn while on the highway, don’t dismiss it; it could be holding a million-dollar prize.

Erin Kelly
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