9 Of The World’s Coolest Offices

Published May 26, 2014
Updated September 18, 2014
Coolest Offices Selgascano

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Cramped cubicle culture is not unfamiliar to many office-dwellers, as most of us spend our adult years feeling like rats being held in a badly lit corporate cage. Not all workspaces are created equal, though. In fact, some of the following cubicles and office spaces are the stuff dreams are made of. Here are some of the coolest workspaces that foster productivity and likely make water cooler discussions a little less “I can’t believe I have to work here” and more “I can’t believe I get to work here!”

Coolest Offices: Selgas Cano

Coolest Offices Train People

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Imagine working for the Madrid-based architectural firm Selgas Cano, filing documents under the trees and alongside the sunshine, with the serenity of nature all around you. Jose Selgas and Lucia Cano designed the ultimate office for their business using plexiglass, fiberglass and polyester-based materials. Work doesn’t have to separate you from nature; rather, nature and natural lighting work to enhance your professional experience.

Coolest Offices Nature Train

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Coolest Offices: Jump Studio

Jump Studio’s vibrant take on the RedBull Headquarters in London was inspired by the energy drink itself, intending to stimulate and energize the headquarters’ employees and visitors alike. It boasts three levels, a rooftop extension, a floating staircase, a slide, and … well, what else do you need? There’s a SLIDE!

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