New CoverGirl Spokesperson A Hijab-Wearing Muslim

Published November 7, 2016
Published November 7, 2016

"I can still be married and a mom and do whatever the hell I want – my scarf isn’t going to stop me."

Last month, CoverGirl wowed the world when it introduced its first CoverBoy. Now, it seems they’ve done it again with their latest spokesperson, a hijab-wearing Muslim.

CoverGirl has chosen YouTube star Nura Afia as the newest brand ambassador for their makeup line. She will appear in advertisements wearing a hijab as she helps the U.S. cosmetics giant promote their message. The beauty blogger and practicing Muslim is just one of a diverse group of spokespeople, which include Katy Perry and Sofia Vergara.

“I hope [this campaign] will show Muslim women that brands care about us as consumers and we’re important, especially hijabis,” Afia told Refinery29. “[We] can be featured on TV, [we] can be featured on billboards in Times Square. [We] can be represented.”

Afia went on to explain how she never thought that “Muslim women [would be] represented on such a large scale” like this, and that she grew up insecure about wearing a hijab because there was a lack of headscarf-toting role models.

According to The Guardian, Afia began her career as a beauty blogger while breastfeeding her daughter. She was watching YouTube videos and realized that the cosmetic blog-o-sphere completely underrepresented hijab-wearing women.

So, she decided to make her own tutorials, because in her own words, “I wanted to show people that I can still be married and a mom and do whatever the hell I want – my scarf isn’t going to stop me.”

Afia is one of the few women who have or will act as a spokesperson for a major American brand while wearing a hijab. Only a few major American brands have shown women wearing a hijab in their advertisements.

Swedish clothing chain H&M released a campaign with hijab-wearing model Mariah Idrissi last year, and designer Anniesa Hasibuan held the first runway show for hijab-wearing models this past September. Last month, Noor Tagouri, a Muslim American journalist, became the first hijab-wearing woman Playboy has ever featured in their magazine.

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