These Creepy Masks Prove Just How Odd Humanity Is

Published June 15, 2014
Updated August 15, 2019
Creepy Masks WW1 Radiology

Source: Viral Nova

Keeping with the medical theme, pictured here is a 1918 French radiology nurse technician during WWI. This photo was taken during the dormant period of radiology protection, when experts were just beginning to figure out how to protect technicians from harmful x-rays.

Shown with this ghastly facial apparatus is Kwasi Afari Minta, the most badly burned survivor of the “King’s Cross” fire that occurred in the public transportation tube known as the London Underground in 1987. Minta’s face “melted away” when he was hit in the face with a fireball in this tragic blast that killed 31 people and injured many others. The mask provided a protected and sterile atmosphere so skin could safely grow back, while simultaneously shielding Minta’s face from the faint of heart. Even after this tragic fire destroyed his face and hands, he said he felt lucky to be alive.

Creepy Masks Kukeri

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As chilling as this group looks, they are in the business of good, not evil. In a traditional Bulgarian practice meant to ward off evil spirits, Kukeri is the New Year’s ritual of men dancing through their village in wooden, double-faced animal masks, visiting people’s houses at night – so “the sun would not catch them on the road.” After the house calls, they gather in the town square and dance around to “amuse” people. Though this particular image is quite old, the Kukeri festival is alive and well today.

Finally, check out the glamorous and gruesome history of the masquerade ball.

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