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Published December 26, 2022
Updated January 9, 2023

A Man In Texas Was Mad At His Girlfriend — So He Broke Into The Dallas Museum Of Art And Destroyed Ancient Artifacts

Brian Hernandez

Dallas County Jail/Dallas Museum of Art/CanvaBrian Hernandez “got mad at his girl,” so he broke into the Dallas Museum of Art after hours and smashed millions of dollars worth of displays.

On June 1st at 9:40 p.m., 21-year-old Brian Hernandez smashed through the Dallas Museum of Art’s glass front entrance with a metal chair and went on a rampage, destroying millions of dollars worth of rare and ancient artifacts.

Museum security found Hernandez in the middle of this outburst and confronted him. The reason that he was smashing up bits of ancient history, they said, was because “he got mad at his girl.”

Hernandez was alone and unarmed, and it didn’t seem as if he had any intention of stealing artifacts from the museum. In fact, the museum’s director, Agustín Arteaga, noted that Hernandez seemed as if his aim was only to smash anything made of glass.

“He went through other spaces and did not hurt any other works, didn’t touch anything, didn’t have the intention of stealing anything,” Arteaga said. “It was just his anger that drove that person to do what [he] did.”

Initial estimates put the damage around $5 million, but Arteaga said the real total was likely a fraction of that.

In any case, Hernandez destroyed several Ancient Greek artifacts from around 500 B.C.E. and left a trail of destruction in his wake, one that ultimately saddled him with charges of criminal mischief greater than $300,000.

Austin Harvey
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