The Most Shocking Crime News Stories Of 2022, From The Murder Of A Trophy Hunter To The Angry Vatican Tourist

Published December 26, 2022
Updated March 12, 2024

In Iowa, A Man Decapitated A Woman And Mounted Her Head On A Stick In The Woods

Nathan Gilmore And Angela Bradbury

Mitchell County Sheriff’s Office/Facebook/CanvaNathan Gilmore and Angela Bradbury, the woman who Gilmore allegedly murdered and displayed in the woods.

The love story of Nathan Gilmore and Angela Nicole Bradbury began at the Cerro Gordo County Courthouse in April 2021. Unfortunately, it was a short-lived romance that ended in Bradbury’s gruesome death.

Bradbury’s family reported her missing in February 2022 after not hearing from her for several months.

Her 30th birthday was approaching, but police had tragic, shocking news for her loved ones: In July 2021, a teenager walking through Greenbelt River Trail Park found a severed human head impaled on a stick and put on display.

It was Angela Bradbury.

Investigators then began to retrace Bradbury’s steps, and it didn’t take long for them to follow the trail to Gilmore, who had recently messaged a male friend of his ex warning that if he didn’t back off, he would end up “like the body they found outside Mitchell.”

“The bubbling noise blood makes when air passes through the hole in the neck before it reaches the mouth makes me hard,” Gilmore wrote.

Nearly a year after Gilmore sent those messages, police turned up at his home with a warrant and found in his room a whiteboard with a drawing of a “Satanic goat’s head in the shape of a pentagram” and several numbers written around it, which investigators believed were references to Bradbury’s death date and the GPS coordinates of her body.

Facebook data ultimately proved that Gilmore was at Greenbelt River Trail Park the day Bradbury died, and he is awaiting trial with a $1 million cash-only bail.

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