Thousands Of Trump-Branded Ecstasy Pills Seized By Police

Published August 22, 2017
Published August 22, 2017

The pills, featuring Trump's face on the front and his name on the back, had an estimated sale value of $46,000.

Trump Pills

Polizei Osnabrück/Facebook

Authorities have turned up ecstasy pills that have been pressed into any number of different shapes. But few pills are quite so eye-catching as the ones shaped like Donald Trump that police in Germany seized earlier this week.

CNN reports that, on Monday, police in the northwest German state of Lower Saxony released a photo showing ecstasy pills they had seized from a suspect. These pills featured Trump’s face on the front and his name on the back.

Trump Pills Bag

Polizei Osnabrück/Facebook

Police seized 5,000 such pills, estimated to have a sale value of nearly $46,000, after raiding the suspects’ car. A 51-year-old Austrian man and his 17-year-old son have been arrested in connection with the pills, which authorities believe originated in the Netherlands, reports the BBC.

“The pills are reportedly being sold on the darknet with the slogan: ‘Trump makes partying great again,'” writes USA Today.

This is far from the first time that ecstasy pills have been pressed into interesting and unique designs. In fact, these pills often feature specific logos and designs used for branding purposes. Such designs often take their cues from popular brand logos, cartoon characters, and famous figures — like Trump.

E X Pills Vice


The recent German seizure is not even the first time in which a U.S. president has appeared on an ecstasy pill found by authorities. Back in 2009, the Smoking Gun reported that ecstasy pills bearing the image of Barack Obama were found across the country.

Barack Obama X

The Smoking Gun

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