How The World’s Countries Are Making Fun Of Trump

Published February 15, 2017

Ireland and Germany

Trump Berlin

Carsten Koall/Getty ImagesProtesters critical of the election of Donald Trump gather for a demonstration near the Brandenburg Gate on November 12, 2016 in Berlin, Germany.

Ireland and Germany have taken a dark approach to Donald Trump’s presidency via their mock abusive boyfriend letters.

Comedians, viral video personalities, and even late night hosts have picked up on the trend by reading anti-Trump letters written from the point of view of a friend writing to another friend who has suddenly found themselves in an abusive relationship.

The videos are usually filled with lines like, “C’mon America, Britain doesn’t even want you around if you’re with him and they’re like your best friend” or “While it may seem sweet and protective to you now, trying to wall you in like this is extremely abusive behavior.”



Henry Romero/Reuters Some ‘nasty hombres’ come together to express their country’s resentment.

A popular play in Mexico titled “Los Hijos De Trump” or Sons of Trump, illustrates how personally some Mexicans have taken Trump’s remarks (such as referring to all Mexican immigrants as “rapists and drug dealers”).

In the play, wigged actors playing the president call the audience frijoleros or “beaners” and then continue to terrorize them by stealing from the blind, seeking impotence cures, harassing women, and even doing copious amounts of fake cocaine.

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