Embarrassing Hitler Photos That He Tried To Have Destroyed — Or Probably Should Have

Published October 2, 2017
Updated October 13, 2017

Rarely-seen photos that'll upend your image of this genocidal dictator.

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Pinkie Up
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Hitler Questioning
Embarrassing Hitler Photos That He Tried To Have Destroyed — Or Probably Should Have
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Thanks to Adolf Hitler’s personal photographer, we are privy to the Führer’s private sessions for practicing his infamous speeches. During these sessions, photographer Heinrich Hoffmann captured Hitler in the throes of passionate lip-sync to his own recorded speech.

The demonstrative dictator wanted a record of his gestures and expressions to be able to see what his audience saw. Thus Hitler used these photos as a tool for improvement. But when he actually saw these photos and how unflattering they were, he ordered Hoffmann to destroy both the prints and the negatives. Hoffmann, however, disobeyed this order.

“It makes perfect sense that he would be doing this," historian Roger Moorhouse saidDeutschland Erwacht," which was banned for containing images that Hitler deemed as “below one’s dignity.”

And what did these undignified images depict? In the book, the imposing dictator can be seen cheerfully picnicking, smiling, and even... wearing shorts.

Next, see yet another photo of himself that Hitler tried to have banned. Then, read the recent reports that claim to have unearthed the bizarre sexual fetishes that Hitler tried to keep hidden.

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