The Colossal Er Wang Dong Cave System

Published November 23, 2013
Updated November 26, 2013

The Er Wang Dong cave system is huge. Really, really huge. And until recently, the massive system of caves had yet to be discovered. A group of expert cavers and professional photographers recently explored the Er Wang Dong cave system for the first time during a month-long expedition to the Chongquing province in China. Located near the rural village Ranjiagou, one can enter the huge, complex cave system by walking, swimming or abseiling into the caves.

While some of the surface-level caves have been used by nitrate miners in the past, the 15-person crew discovered many new caves that had never before seen the light of day. The cavers were particularly excited to discover that some of the caves were so massive that they contained their own weather systems, complete with wispy clouds and thick fog. The clouds occur within the caves when humidity rises into the cavern’s colder air.

Traditional Look

Source: Aria

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