5 Extreme Protests You Won’t Believe

Published September 17, 2014
Updated January 12, 2018

Lush Animal Testing Exhibit

Extreme Protests Lush

Source: Daily Mail

In April 2012, Lush’s London flagship store hosted a protest against animal testing featuring 24-year-old performance artist Jacqueline Traide. She agreed to go through the process of testing that is done to animals in the cosmetics industry.

Lush Window

Source: Daily Mail

While tied up and force fed, Traide was not actually injected with any chemicals, nor were the “electrodes” live. However, their mock usage mirrors some studies done to animals in testing facilities.

Lush Eyes

Source: Daily Mail

Some cosmetic companies test eye makeup on animals. Here, products are forced into Traide’s eyes.

Lush Hair

Source: Daily Mail

Traide went as far as having a strip of hair shaved off for the demonstration. Seeing a human go through the torture of cosmetics testing makes the treatment of animals more tangible.

Extreme Protests Blindfold

Source: Nuestro

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