The Colorful Chaos Of Fabian Oefner

Published November 17, 2013
Updated April 23, 2023

Convening the aesthetic wonder of art and the stupefying world of science, Fabian Oefner's "Liquid Jewels" are truly a wealth in the contemporary art world.

Fabian Oefner

Everywhere we look, we’re surrounded by color. The sea is blue, the grass is green and as evidenced by Nicki Minaj, hair can be any shade from crimson to copper. Fabian Oefner, a Swiss photographer, artist, and self-proclaimed investigator, likes to blur the lines between art and science using color.

From his series ‘Liquid Jewels’, a series of balloons covered in acrylics to whirling catherine wheels laden in colorful paint, Oefner gives himself a split second in which to take a photo as the color flies in different directions.

Exploring the intricacies of centripetal forces and natural phenomena like gravity, Fabian Oefner has created pieces of art that marvel in the magic of the natural world.

Here are a few of his best:

Fabian Oefner Art

Balloon Art

Liquid Jewels Design Series

Swiss Photographer

Mesmerizing Art Of Fabian Oefner

Using Balloons For Art

Art Of Fabian Oefner

Fabian Oefner Pictures

Beautiful Design Prints

Color Chaos Of Fabian Oefner

Design Art By Fabian Oefner

Fabian Oefner Liquid Jewels

Liquid Jewels

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