11 Florida Man Headlines From 2019 That We’re Still Trying To Understand

Published December 23, 2019
Updated April 14, 2020

The Last Straw For This Florida Man

Florida Man At Mcdonalds

Left: Brenda Biandudi. Right: St. Petersburg Police DepartmentDaniel Taylor was apparently so aggravated there were no straws in the condiment area, that his second option was violence. He spent New Year’s day in jail.

Daniel Taylor of St. Petersburg was arguably the first to make Florida man headlines this year. It was barely even January when Taylor committed battery over a straw at McDonald’s.

According to ABC Action News, Taylor spent New Year’s Day in a jail cell after Taylor noticed there were no more straws in the condiment area at the 34th Street South McDonald’s.

Witness Brenda Biandudi noticed the argument escalating and pulled her phone out to record. According to her, Taylor first screamed at employees before resorting to violence.

“He was yelling and walking toward the counter and the young lady behind the counter told him that it’s the law now that we’re not allowed to have straws in the lobby,” said Biandudi.

Taylor subsequently pulled cashier Yasmine James onto the counter before she started punching him in the face in defense. Fortunately, onlooking customers were there to corroborate James’ version of the story and captured the whole thing on video.

A FOX 13 News segment with Brenda Biandudi’s footage of the incident.

Indeed, the local law which prohibits St. Petersburg restaurants from having straws out went into effect that very day. Customers have to ask specifically for straws which Taylor could’ve done, of course, instead of committing a felony.

“They started exchanging words laced with profanity and he said there’s no such law that exists and she was saying yes it is a law,” confirmed Biandudi.

In the end, Taylor was arrested and charged with two counts of battery. Whatever was happening in his life that day, what Taylor saw by the condiments was obviously his last straw.

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