Artist Makes A “Flower House” To Breathe New Life Into Detroit

Published June 30, 2015
Updated January 24, 2018
Published June 30, 2015
Updated January 24, 2018
Lisa Waud Detroit Installation

Source: Design Boom

While this early glimpse of Flower House was a collaboration of styles, the October showcase will allow each florist to style a single room as they see fit. Once the weekend-long installation comes to an end, Waud hopes to responsibly demolish the residence, repurpose its materials and use the land to create a new flower garden and design center.

Lisa Waud Flower Installations

Source: Artzop

Lisa Waud founded pot & box, a Detroit-based floral design studio, nearly eight years ago, but she has been experimenting with flowers for over 15 years. Among other things, she loves to “work with flowers blooming now and nearby, celebrating the richest hues, most fragrant blooms, the abundance of seasonality.” Now she’s sharing that passion with the people of Detroit.

Preview of Flower Installation Detroit

Source: Junk Culture

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