The World’s Coolest Food Art

Published October 10, 2013
Updated July 2, 2019

Cool Food Art No. 5: Sid Chidiac, Chocolate Artiste

Sid Chidiac may seem like your run-of-the-mill painter, but in reality, he is far from ordinary. Instead of paint, the New York-based artist uses chocolate as his preferred medium. For Chidiac, it is a pretty sweet career. Purchasing extreme amounts of chocolate to cover his canvas, all excesses on Chidiac’s paintbrushes must be licked off by Chidiac himself.

Food Art Sid Chidiac Obama

Source: Sid Chidiac

Sid Chidiac

Source: Open House

Chidiac’s paintings are so realistic that people often doubt that they are made from real chocolate. Others are so enticed by the food art that Chidiac–and this is truly a first for an art gallery setting–must remind viewers not to eat his work. Since then, Chidiac has been sponsored by many chocolate big-wigs to create edible works of art for their brand, with Chidiac using a good portion of his proceeds and influence to advocate for young people stricken with cancer.

Sid Chidiac Body Painting

Source: Open House

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