The 15 Creepiest Ghost Ships Ever Found On The High Seas

Published October 23, 2021
Updated November 2, 2021

The mysteries surrounding these ghost ships involve everything from sulphuric acid to a famous yacht race.

Ghost Ship Mary Celeste drawing
MV Joyita capsized
Ryou Un Maru at sea and rusted
Drawing of the Hms Resolute
The 15 Creepiest Ghost Ships Ever Found On The High Seas
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In maritime history, there are numerous stories that sound eerily similar, stories of vessels appearing out of the blue, with not a single soul aboard and no sign of what happened to the crew.

These ships are often called "ghost ships" and are an integral part of sailors' lore. But while many ghost ships are legends and tales, there do exist many occurrences where real ghost ships have emerged from the sea.

While the reasons these vessels became abandoned is known for some ships, no one knows what happened to the crew of many of these uninhabited boats.

These ships travel unmanned across vast swathes of ocean, reminding sailors that witness their silent journeys of the mysterious dangers of the open sea.

From the famed Mary Celeste to Baychimo, here are some of the most famed and mysterious of the real-life ghost ships.

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