33 History “Facts” We’ve All Been Getting Dead Wrong

Published February 2, 2018
Updated March 15, 2018

Turns out a ton of what we all learned in high school history class just isn't true.

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Columbus Lands In The New World
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33 History “Facts” We’ve All Been Getting Dead Wrong
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As the centuries tick on by, history has a way of becoming blurred. In many cases, it doesn't even take centuries for a historical fact to become distorted, but merely a few decades — if not sooner.

Whether such distortions happen for political reasons or because of unintentional mistakes, historical inaccuracies shape our very perceptions of the important events and figures of our past. Villains can become heroes and triumphs can be misrepresented or worse, forgotten.

Then there are the straightforward historical "facts" that we all know to be true — even though they aren't. From high school textbooks to movies and TV shows, countless sources repeat such historical "facts" that are actually nothing more than myths.

Did you think Napoleon was short, for example? Did you think Betsy Ross designed the American flag? Did you think the Declaration of Independence was signed on July 4, 1776?

In each of these cases, the truth is much different, sometimes much more complicated — and often far more interesting — than you ever realized. Moreover, of course, the truth is the truth; it clears away the falsehoods that have taken root in our minds and allowed us to form some warped ideas about humanity's past. And ultimately, these false ideas about our past can inform false ideas about our present and our future.

The gallery above will help clear up some historical myths and misconceptions and finally give the real facts their due.

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