13 Photos Of Hot Air Balloons Over Turkey That Will Make You Swoon

Published April 1, 2014
Updated February 15, 2018

Cappadocia, Turkey has been rated one of the world's best spots for hot air ballooning. Check out these incredible photos of hot air balloons over Turkey.

Hot Air Balloons Over Turkey At Sunrise

Source: Daily Mail

Cappadocia, Turkey is one of the world’s most surreal places, with its intricate rock formations and moon-like surface. Yet somehow the landscape becomes even more incredible when its sky is marked with dozens of brightly colored hot air balloons. We’ve found some of the most stunning images of the hot air balloons over Turkey, from aerial shots to those taken at the peak of sunrise.

First-Perspective View of Hot Air Balloon

Source: Daily Mail

Cappadocia, Turkey’s unique formations were created from volcanic eruptions that transformed the area’s landscape around nine million years ago. Travelers rank Cappadocia as one of the world’s top three best places for hot air balloon flights. These tours vary from standard flights with 15-20 guests, to private hot air balloons trips that are perfect for special occasions.

Hot Air Balloons By Alessio Andrean

Source: Daily Mail

Colorful Hot Air Balloons

Source: Vimeo

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