40 Incredible Abandoned Structures

Published April 30, 2014
Updated October 3, 2019

Evocative of our own limits, these abandoned structures provide us an opportunity to consider our place--however temporary--in the world.

A building is never just that. It can be a place we call home, a repository for memories, an intimate space where we share even more intimate ideas; it’s one of the ways we as people lay physical claim to the world in which we live.

And just as a building is more than its material components, the same can be said for a building in shambles. Evocative of our own limits, mortality and time’s dominion over all, these abandoned structures provide as much aesthetic interest as they do opportunities to consider our place–however temporary–in the world:

Czestochowa Poland
Abandoned Structures In Paraguay
Beelitz Operating Room
Beelitz Hospital
40 Incredible Abandoned Structures
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