40 Amazing Facts About The Human Body

Published February 15, 2018
Updated June 13, 2018

6. When you blush, the inside of your stomach does too.

Diving Mechanism Body Facts

Public DomainAnother human body fact? All mammals have “diving mechanism” that keeps them from drowning.

7. Humans have a “diving reflex” that shuts down bodily functions when submerged in water to prevent drowning.

8. There are certain kinds of tumors that can grow their own teeth and hair – they’re called teratomas.

9. Humans are bioluminescent, the light just isn’t perceptible to the human eye.

Scott Kelly Shot

NASA/Getty ImagesAstronauts can grow up to two inches in space, just ask Scott Kelly.

10. Astronauts can grow up to two inches taller in space.

Katie Serena
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