30 Fantastic Photos Of Iceland’s Rugged Landscapes

Published November 30, 2013
Updated December 4, 2017

While Iceland’s population of 321,000 makes it the most sparsely populated country in Europe, the island nation makes up for it in its density of absolutely stunning landscapes.

Lakes and glaciers comprise around 14% of the island’s surface, and geysers–including Geysir, the geyser for which all others are named–dot the rugged terrain and add an almost mystical volatility to the otherworldly atmosphere as evidenced by these fantastic photographs of Iceland:

Iceland Photos Hot Springs
Volcano Lake In Iceland
Goat In Iceland Photo
Iceland Aurora Borealis Photo
30 Fantastic Photos Of Iceland’s Rugged Landscapes
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Despite the pristine Iceland photos above, itis not immune from environmental degradation: years of deforestation and overgrazing courtesy of imported fauna have taken their toll, and many farms are now being abandoned. Not all is lost, though.

In efforts to reunite man with his maker, Icelanders have made good use of geothermal power, which allows them to acquire heat, electricity and water at little to no cost to them...or the environment.

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