6 Interesting Religions You Probably Haven’t Heard Of

Published May 21, 2014
Updated September 5, 2023

Interesting Religions: Bahá’í

Interesting Religions Bahai Gardens

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Three principles form the basis for Bahá’í teachings: the unity of God (that there is only one God who is the source of all creation), the unity of religion (all major religions come from the same source and God), and the unity of humanity (all of us are created equal, and that diversity among race and culture are to be accepted and appreciated).

Interesting Religions Bahai School

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In a world that still heeds the words found in decrepit scrolls, Bahá’í is like the cool younger sister. One of the the world’s “youngest” religions, Bahá’í was founded in Iran in 1863 by Bahá’u’lláh – who the Bahá’í believe is the messenger for God—at least in this age. Bahá’í followers do not believe there is a single divine messenger that exists within a singular religion but several, and that as time goes on they will reveal themselves as such.The main idea behind the faith of Bahá’í is unity; between people, religions, and always toward the benefit of humanity.

Interesting Religions Bahai View

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Universe People or Cosmic People of Light Powers

Interesting Religions Univers People

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Trippier than a Pink Floyd Light show while on LSD, this Czech religious group revolves around lecturer Ivo A. Benda and his apparent ability to telepathically communicate with extra-terrestrial beings. They believe a fleet of spaceships orbits the Earth and observes us, helping those who they deem worthy, and ultimately will transport us to another dimension.

Interesting Religions Benda

Source: James Gunn

Universe People created some waves in the 2000s in light of the Heaven’s Gate mass suicide, as some thought that the Universe People could commit similar acts. This fear gradually disproved itself, and Benda went on to suggest that the greatest threat to the Universe People was not their own twisted ideology, but saurians. You know, lizard people.

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