The ISIS Militant Terror Group In Photos

Published August 30, 2014
Updated December 5, 2017

Whether they go by ISIL or ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant or Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, respectively—although we prefer to call them Daesh), the Sunni jihadist group in the Middle East is a terror group unlike any other. In fact, they have committed crimes so disturbing and heinous that even al-Qaeda distanced itself from the group after they publicly disobeyed orders to kill fewer civilians in Syria.

After releasing a video showing graphic footage of the beheading of American journalist James Foley, along with tweeting numerous images showing captured civilians being tortured, dismembered and executed, it is no surprise that the world was concerned by what the radical and increasingly powerful terrorist organization would do next.

As a wave of bombings and murders spread through Libya, Egypt, Yemen, Turkey and most recently France, it’s clear that these fears were well-founded. This gallery offers a glimpse into the actions of the extremist (so extreme that some of its supporters have ordered “Islam for Dummies” before shipping off to the area) ISIS group. Warning: Graphic images included:

Islamist Fighter Group Waving Flag
A man waves the ISIS flag. Source: NBC News

ISIS 2014 Propaganda Video

ISIS in Syria 2014
Source: Independent

2014 ISIS Captured Soldiers

State of Iraq After ISIS 2014
Source: Darkroom

ISIS 2014 Mass Executions
This photo shows the aftermath of one of many mass executions carried out by ISIL. Source: Global Post

ISIS Member Waves Flag
Source: NBC News

Brutal Attacks ISIS 2014
Source: Utopia

US and ISIS Conflict 2014
Source: TIME

ISIS 2014 Iraq Militants
Source: The Guardian

ISIS Executes Helpless Victims
ISIS victims are shown in a screen grab from an ISIL video. Source: ABC

ISIS Executions
ISIS gunmen line up to execute kidnapped victims. Source: Vice

M-16 ISIS Executions
Kidnapped individuals are lined up and executed. Source: Zero Hedge

Crucifixion by ISIS Militants
ISIS individuals crucify rebels. Source: Global Post

Peshmerga in 2014
Source: Slate

Dangerous ISIS 2014
Source: The Guardian

Militants Terrorize Citizens
ISIS individuals heckle victims before executing them. Source: Daily Mail

ISIS Terrorizes Syria and Iraq

Terror Group in Iraq ISIS 2014
Source: ABC News

ISIS in Syria
ISIS group gathers up cigarettes and burns them in Syria. Source: Vice

US Forces Capture Suspected ISIS Individual
United States forces capture a suspected ISIS individual. Source: TIME

ISIL Promotional Video

And if you want to learn more about ISIS, we highly recommend this 5 part series -- The Spread of the Caliphate: The Islamic State -- by Vice:

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