27 Shocking Images Of The Israel-Gaza Conflict

Published July 31, 2014
Updated September 28, 2018

While the Israel-Gaza conflict has existed for decades, recent tensions are at an all-time high as Israel continues to launch airstrikes.

Dark times have befallen the people of the Gaza Strip, a Detroit-sized area of land that is at the center of some of the most devastating, heated Israeli-Palestinian clashes in the world.

While the Israel-Gaza conflict is unfortunately not a new one, recent developments have sent tensions soaring even higher than before, as Israel continues to launch airstrikes into densely packed cities and neighborhoods filled predominantly with civilians.

In the past couple of weeks alone, Israeli airstrikes have hit mosques, hospitals, and even schools. As fighting intensifies, the death toll continues to rise. Here are some of the most shocking pictures of the Israel-Gaza conflict:

Israel-Gaza Conflict Strikes School
Source: NPR

Man Shocked by Gaza Strikes

Crisis in Israel
Source: Channel 4

Child Struck by Bombs
Source: Levantium

Gaza-Israel Conflict From Space
Picture of the Israel-Gaza Conflict from Space. Source: NBC News

Israeli War at Night
Source: CP24

Israeli Bombs at Sunset

Israel-Gaza Conflict Creates Ruins
Source: Vice

Gaza School Bombed

Palestinians Pray Despite Airstrikes
Source: CP24

Blood Spilled in Israel-Gaza Conflict
Source: NBC News

Airstrikes on Gaza Continue
Source: latest.today

Palestinians Mourn Gaza Airstrikes
Source: news.168

Military in Israeli-Gaza Conflict
Source: Vox

Israel-Gaza Conflict Shocks Boy
Source: CTV News

Injured Bystanders
Source: Slate

Destruction from Airstrikes

Palestinian Families

Civilians Hide in Israel-Gaza Conflict
Source: CNN

Israel-Gaza Crisis
Source: Vox

Bombing is Israel-Gaza Crisis
Source: World Review

Children in Gaza Ruins
Source: NPR

Hiding from Gaza Airstrikes
Source: AOL

Baby in Israel-Gaza Bombing
Source: BBC

Aftermath of the Israel-Gaza Crisis
Source: Teak Door

For more of a historical perspective on the conflict, be sure to watch this animated video on the history of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and influential photographs that changed history.

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