The Incredible Jack-O-Lantern Art Of Ray Villafane

Published October 23, 2012
Updated January 23, 2017

Jack-O-Lantern Artists

No creepy Halloween costume would be complete without a jack o lantern. Dubbed by leading newspapers as the “Picasso of Pumpkins,” artist Ray Villafane takes what is generally considered a simplistic and often sticky autumnal ritual and transforms it into an incredibly intricate and realistic work of art.

Jack-O-Lantern In Action

Jack-O-Lantern Boar

Currently based in Phoenix, Arizona, prior to becoming Pumpkin Sculptor At-Large Ray worked as an art teacher. It wasn’t until he offered to carve a pumpkin for one of his students that he realized he had such an incredible and unique talent.

Jack-O-Lantern Crawling Zombies

Jack-O-Lantern Depp

Jack-O-Lantern Angler Fish

Jack-O-Lantern Indian

The rest, as they say, is history. Upon discovering his gift with gourds, Ray was soon commissioned to be a commercial sculptor for DC and Marvel Comics, where he was able to refine his natural abilities.

Jack-O-Lantern Indignant

Jack-O-Lantern Maniacal

Jack-O-Lantern Pondering