Mother Caught Molesting Two Young Children And Selling Videos Of It On Snapchat

Published August 17, 2017
Updated February 27, 2024

A friend found the videos in her email, which he was able to access via her Pokemon Go account.

Keri Harwood Mugshot Face

Maricopa County Sheriff’s OfficeKeri Harwood

Fox 10 Phoenix reports that a woman living in New River, Arizona was arrested last Sunday for molesting two children (her own, some sources say) and selling videos of the acts online.

The woman, 28-year-old mother Keri Harwood, is accused of molesting two young children, ages three and six, multiple times, including in the bathroom of her own home while her husband was was at work.

Harwood reportedly told police that she was molesting the children at the behest of a man she had met online. The man paid her to send him these videos via Snapchat. A witness reported seeing evidence of PayPal payments to the woman in the amount of $115, $101, and $50, believed to be the payments for the videos, writes the Daily News.

Keri Harwood Face


Harwood, who works at a Phoenix car dealership, says that she met the man online when she was struggling for money and that he first paid her to masturbate on Snapchat live-streams for him. He then reportedly convinced her to perform sex acts on children and send them to him.

Harwood told police that she then sent the man five or six videos of her performing sexual acts on the two children.

Keri Beach


Harwood’s crimes were discovered by a friend when she gave him her registration information for her account on the Pokemon Go game so that he could help her out. Using that data, her friend accessed her email and discovered two videos of the molestation on her account.

Keri Harwood Back


Via Harwood’s email, the friend also spotted the PayPal transactions.

Harwood appears to have received $500 to $600 in total from the man over the last several months for her videos of masturbation and child molestation.

Harwood now sits in jail in lieu of $150,000 bond.

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