The World’s Largest And Smelliest Flowers

Published January 15, 2013
Updated January 22, 2018


With a three-foot diameter and 24 pounds of flowery might, the raffesia is, unsurprisingly, the world’s largest individual flower on earth–and the smelliest. Reeking of decaying flesh, the raffesia, much like the dead horse lily, uses its insufferable stink to attract pollinators within various Indonesian forests. The spineless, rootless and malodorous parasite isn’t all bad, though; after all, it is one of Indonesia’s three national flowers.

Raffesia Flower

Source: Pelauts

The World's Largest And Smelliest Flowers Raffesia

Source: What A Bloom

Largest Smelliest Flowers Raffesia 4

Source: Potokito

The Star Flower

Star Flower

Source: De Endeveras

The star flower comprises approximately 40 species, almost all of which can be found stinking up the terrains of South Africa. With a hirsute, flesh-colored appearance, many liken the flower to rotting meat. In that light, then, its nickname of “carrion flower” makes complete sense.

World's Largest And Smelliest Flowers Star Flower

Source: Wikipedia

Largest Smelliest Flowers Starflower 3

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