What We Love This Week, Volume LII

Published February 14, 2014
Updated February 13, 2014

Annie Leibovitz’ Latest Additions To Her Disney Dream Portrait Series

Annie Leibovitz is to photography what the Empire State Building is to New York City. A veritable institution in the world of photographical portraiture, Annie Leibovitz has been freezing some of the world’s most influential faces in time for nearly half a century. Of major commercial acclaim is her “Disney Dream” portrait series, where Leibovitz highlights the parallels between celebrity and fantasy through film. Playful and whimsical, this year Leibovitz has added Jessica Chastain, Jennifer Hudson, Russell Brand and more into her photographical fold. More of Leibovitz’ work can be found at My Modern Met.

“Pride Propaganda” Posters Make Their Way To Sochi

Soviet Pride Father

Source: Design Boom

Just because the Bolsheviks largely brought down the Russian Orthodox Church in the 20th century didn’t mean that they were setting the stage for a century of social openness and inclusion. As recently as 2013, Russian leaders passed gay propaganda laws that, for all intents and purposes, could land someone in prison for simply waving a rainbow flag. Repurposing Soviet propaganda of yore, “Pride Propaganda” has taken to Russia’s past in order to spread a modern message.

Soviet Pride Sun

Source: Design Boom

Soviet Pride Workplace

Source: Design Boom