What We Love This Week, Volume LVII

Published March 21, 2014
Updated March 19, 2014
Festival Of Colors Smoke

Source: The Atlantic

Absolutely Stunning Footage Of Holi, The Hindu Festival Of Colors

Festival Of Colors Yellow

Source: The Atlantic

This past week, Hindus around the world have taken part in a kaleidoscopic explosion of colors and sounds that make Woodstock look like child’s play. Meant to commemorate the arrival of spring and Krishna, Holi–or the Festival of Colors–provides its participants a moment to let loose and, you know, thrust bright powders in each other’s eyes. Check out the entire technicolor spread at The Atlantic.

Festival Of Colors Fire

Source: The Atlantic

A Cheetah Pays Serengeti Travelers A Visit

One of the reasons people choose to go on a safari is because it allows them to embrace our primal origins and the often forbidding “wilderness” but from the comfort of an impenetrable moving box known as a Landrover. So when a group of binocular and sunscreen-clad tourists in the Serengeti National Park were greeted by a cheetah pouncing on the hood and peering into the cabin, we’re pretty sure that blood pressures went through the roof. Thankfully, the guide remained calm. So calm, in fact, that she was able to take these absolutely incredible photos of this inquisitive feline. See more at My Modern Met.

Berndnaut Smilde’s Incredible Indoor Clouds

The thought of making an indoor cloud is one that tends to hatch from the minds of scientists or the thoroughly stoned. Neither of those, Berndnaut Smilde’s whimsical indoor cloud art presents a vision that is aesthetically interesting as it is scientifically fascinating. To create the indoor clouds, Smilde must maintain a specific moisture level and temperature that’s warm enough to condense dust particles, yet cold enough to keep water vapor from fully condensing into rain. Read more about Smilde’s methods at All That Is Interesting.

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