What We Love This Week, Volume XXVIII

Published August 30, 2013
Updated September 1, 2017
Macro Insects Green

Source: Deviant Art

The Macro World Of Insects

Macro Insects Hair

Source: Deviant Art

Given our height, it’s somewhat understandable that we neglect to examine the millions upon millions of minuscule–yet incredibly complex–insect civilizations at our feet. But when we do take the time to do so, like Polish photographer Adam Tomaszewski does, the results are stunning and the worlds presented appear much more fascinating than ours. Be sure to check out more of his macro-portraits at Deviant Art.

Macro Insects Tan

Source: Deviant Art

Life In Fukushima

Fukushima Devastation Field

Source: Design Boom

Following the completely devastating series of earthquakes, tsunamis and nuclear disaster that struck Fukushima, Japan, both human and plant populations were in shambles. Highlighting this double-dipped tragedy, photographers Carlos Ayesta and Guillame Bression have presented a Fukushima somewhat improved but still plagued by invisible, isolating and insurmountable natural forces. For more, visit Design Boom.

Fukushima Devastation Playground

Source: Design Boom

Fukushima Devastation Tree

Source: Design Boom

The Curious Life Of Twins

In a world filled with individualists, twins–from their obvious appearance to their ability to create an autonomous languages understood only by them–have always had a tinge of whimsical mystery to them. Capitalizing on that with identical Icelandic twin girls, photographer Ariko Inaoka creates a breezy, ethereal world (perhaps the secret, softer world in which many of us imagine that twins might live) that conjures thoughts of fairies, the human imagination and the enchantment of living. Take a gander at more of Inaoka’s work at It’s Nice That.

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