The Edgy And Elegant World Of Mannequin Art

Published January 16, 2014
Updated February 27, 2024

While many consider fashion to be a superficial art form, mannequin art brings a new dimension of expression into the fray.

Mannequin Art Mosaic Models

Source: Mosaics Art

While many dismiss fashion–let alone its mere display–as a pseudo art form that seldom transcends the superficial, there’s more to window displays and mannequins than first meets the eye.

Once a simple vessel for designing dresses and seasonal ensembles, the mannequin has undergone a great transformation throughout the years, becoming as much an aesthetically pleasing face of the fashion industry as its foundation. While mannequin art is filled with high input costs, if you get the design just right, the mannequin will reap quite a bit of revenue and artistic admiration for the business outfit in question. From bejeweled mosaics to origami heads, here are some of the most extraordinary examples of mannequin art:

Mannequin Art: Sicis

Mannequin Art SICIS Gold

Source: Flickr

Back in the days when Roman emperors lounged about in lavish palaces, fine mosaics were all the rage. Now, they’ve found a new home. Sicis, luxury mosaic makers whose sparkling showrooms can be found in New York and Milan, make it their business to create mannequins adorned with thousands of glittering glass tiles.

Mannequin Art SICIS Mosaic

Source: Flickr

While Sicis designers dabble in every color of the rainbow, some of their more notable works include mannequins festooned in solid gold mosaics, camouflage and even strongman uniforms. With all the glitter and glamour of a high-end Hollywood home, the results are as remarkable as they are costly.

Mannequin Art: Guerrilla Artists

Mannequin Art Body Speaker

Source: Flickr

Moving away from high end fashion and solid gold sculptures, a growing group of guerrilla graffiti artists has carved its niche in the mannequin community by creating stenciled sculptures. Bristol-born Graffiti artist Andy Council is just one of the lot. Council shifted his professional vision from interior decorating to mannequin design with some pretty great results.

Mannequin Art Andy Council

Source: Flickr

Mannequin Art SPQR

Source: Flickr

Some of the sculptures are designed to shock, while others have even been featured in the windows of the design-conscious department store Selfridges. In comparison to the mannequin installations of many designers, these expressive pieces are all about breaking the norm.


Source: Flickr

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