Margarita Kareva’s Enchanting Photographic Fantasies

Published August 10, 2014
Updated May 14, 2018

Thought fairy tales were lame? Wait until you see Margarita Kareva's photography.

Margarita Kareva Photographs

Everyone recognizes the classic beauty of Snow White, one of the most adored fairytale princesses of all time. Source: Facebook

Russian photographer Margarita Kareva is both the subject and author of a fairy tale. Just three short years into her photography career and she has already carved out a niche – as well as an ever-expanding fan base – in the world of fantasy photography.

Specializing in images that beautifully transform her female subjects into princesses and witches alike, there is a definitive fairytale feel in each portrait. Some are based on specific, well-known stories, but all are inspired by her love of fantasy books.

Combining real props and costumes with digital manipulations and other surreal elements, Margarita Kareva captures the wonder and imagination children feel growing up with magical characters and locations, bewitching us with her technical and creative capacities.

Margarita Kareva Snow White Mirror

Snow White captured again with the iconic mirror belonging to her evil stepmother. Source: Facebook

Evil Witch Apple

Snow White’s sworn nemesis. Source: Facebook

Evil Witch Thinking

evil witch in deep thought, presumably planning how next to terrorize Snow White.

Margarita Kareva Fairy Tale Photographs

This princess sits among her wolves on the edge of the forest.
Stretching after a nap in the mystic garden.

Winter Months

This beauty seems more suited for the summer months.

White Witch

The witch and her companions conjuring up their next horrible deed. Source: Facebook

Mouse Servants

The white witch’s servants cling to the wall behind her, in their dark lair.
Source: Facebook

Margarita Kareva Wearing A Top Hat

She looks like she would be equally right at home in a story of vampires or a tale of steampunk ilk.

Victorian Beauty

Victorian beauty and grace.
Source: Facebook

Sword Bearer

This modern, if not futuristic princess brings strength and the skill of the fight to her story.

Snowy Dolls

Princess or maybe witch? Whatever the case, the doll heads add an element of the macabre. Source: Facebook

Margarita Kareva Snow Owl Photo

It’s not just the wolves who follow her, she communes with the owls as well.
Source: Facebook

Swan Princess

Source: Facebook

Russian Stag

Many a fantasy story have featured a stag within its telling. This one is right at home.

Margarita Kareva Russian Princess

From her homeland, Margarita captures a stunning image of a Russian fairytale princess.
Source: Facebook

River Sprite

Serenity and beauty seem to be the focus of this river sprite.
Source: Facebook

Margarita Kareva Red Roses

Another princess at home amongst the roses, this time however, in the proper climate.

Red Locks

The lady of the lake or sweet little Gretel? Either could be the inspiration for this stunning photo.

Rain Dance

It never fails to add a little romance when a princess dances in the rain.
Source: Facebook

Princess Nastinka

The Russo-Finnish Princess Nastinka from the tale of Jack Frost, sipping her morning tea.

Rooster Princess

Source: Facebook

Ice Queen

This evil ice queen may have a heart just waiting to be melted. Her beauty belies the coldness within. Source: Facebook

Icy Stare Princess

The Swan Princess has a stare that can freeze any heart.
Source: Facebook

Geisha Stretch

Source: Facebook

Geisha Garden

Japanese princess in a magical garden.
Source: Facebook

Forgotten Realm

Stark against the dark backdrop, a princess’s beauty always shines through.

Dark Power Princess

If there is still warmth hidden in her heart, it is deeply buried. For now it looks like world domination is the order of the day.

Dark Mermaid

This dark mermaid isn’t Ariel, unless there is a part of the story we have yet to hear.

Chrome Gauntlet

This heroine is equipped to stun as well as kick a little ass in the process.
Source: Facebook

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