An Enormous Python Just Killed An Indonesian Mother Of Four And Swallowed Her Whole

Published June 11, 2024

A 45-year-old woman identified as Farida went missing in Indonesia's South Sulawesi province — then a search party found her body inside a 16-foot reticulated python.

Indonesian Woman Swallowed By Python

Viral PressThe 16-foot python responsible for eating the mother of four.

A mother of four recently went missing while walking in the woodlands of Indonesia’s Kalempang village. Her husband grew suspicious when she didn’t return home, so he and a handful of villagers searched the nearby area.

The search party soon discovered a suspiciously plump, 16-foot reticulated python nearby and decided to cut it open — revealing the clothed, undigested body of the missing woman.

This incident marks the fifth time that a python has swallowed a human whole in Indonesia since 2017.

The Missing Woman Found Inside The Massive Snake

On June 6, the 45-year-old mother of four named Farida left her home in the Kalempang village in South Sulawesi province in the evening to sell food at a nearby market, but she failed to return home.

Worried for Farida’s safety, her husband Noni searched the village and found her belongings scattered around the forest. He then organized a search party for his wife, and they quickly discovered a suspiciously bloated 16-foot reticulated python nearby.

The villagers agreed to capture the snake and cut it open, revealing Farida’s body, fully-clothed and swallowed whole.

“They agreed to cut open the python’s stomach. As soon as they did, Farida’s head was immediately visible,” said village leader Suardi Rosi, according to CBS.

Woman Killed By Python In Kalempang

Viral PressLocals cutting the python open, soon revealing Farida’s body inside.

Video footage shows the disturbing moment when Farida’s body was extracted from the snake’s belly. Distressed villagers later wrapped her in blankets and carried her away to be buried.

The villagers believe that the python likely bit her leg before suffocating her and swallowing her whole. The nightmarish situation has deeply disturbed the small village, especially Farida’s husband.

“I am forever sorry that I let my wife go out alone. If I had been with her that day, the snake would not have dared to touch her,” he said, according to People. “I feel sorry for the suffering she went through. I am sorry for our family.”

The Disturbing Trend Of Humans Being Swallowed By Pythons

Python In Indonesia

Ronal EFENDI COTO/Agence France-PresseA group of villagers wrestling a 26-foot python in 2018.

While rare, incidents like Farida’s are not unheard of in Indonesia. Since 2017, at least five people have been swallowed whole by pythons.

Reticulated pythons are lethal hunters that use their sharp teeth to latch onto prey before suffocating them with their enormous bodies. They are common in Indonesia and are frequently seen hunting wild pigs, monkeys, and other large mammals.

As the longest snake in the world, pythons are a top predator in Indonesia’s forests. They can grow to be more than 20 feet long, with the largest ever found reaching nearly 33 feet. They are also naturally aggressive, which makes them particularly terrifying for the humans that live alongside them.

In 2017, a farmer in West Sulawesi also went missing before being found eaten alive by a python on a palm oil plantation. Then, in 2018, a 54-year-old woman was eaten by a python while checking her vegetable garden in the Southeast Sulawesi town of Muna. In 2022, another woman in Indonesia’s Jambi province died the same way.

Indonesian Reticulated Python

A & J Visage/Alamy Stock PhotoAn Indonesian reticulated python measuring about 20 feet long.

In 2023, residents of Southeast Sulawesi’s Tinanggea district killed a 26-foot python that was strangling and eating a farmer.

Now, this most recent incident in Kalempang marks yet another tragic and terrifying human encounter with the world’s longest snake.

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