Giant Python Eats Man Alive And Locals Capture The Remains On Camera

Published March 29, 2017
Updated April 12, 2017

A python ate a man alive on the island of Sulawesi, Indonesia this past Sunday, and you can see the carnage of the aftermath for yourself above.

Akbar, a 25-year-old Indonesian man, had been tending his palm oil crops when he went missing. Because his wife was out of town, nobody noticed Akbar’s absence until his uncle dropped by for a social call.

According to the Associated Press, his fellow island neighbors started looking for the man on Monday but found no trace of him.

That is until they found a single boot and Akbar’s picking ax around a whole bunch of strewn palm oil fruit on Wednesday.

After investigating the scene of the crime, the search party discovered a 23-foot-long reticulated python with a huge hump in the middle of its stomach, according to the AP.

“When its stomach was cut, we first saw his boot and legs near the neck,” Junaedi, the secretary of Salubiro village in West Sulawesi province, told the AP. “It seems he was attacked from behind because we found a wound on his back.”

According to the AP, this is how reticulated pythons typically capture their prey. They use dozens of fangs to latch onto a victim’s neck before squeezing it to death. They then eat the whole body at once and let it digest.

While these pythons are common in Indonesia, they usually target smaller mammals such as dogs or pigs, and almost never attack humans.

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