Real-Life Hobbit Homes To Make Your Inner Nerd Squeal In Delight

Published August 15, 2014
Updated September 12, 2019
Hobbit Homes Upstairs

Source: Chuknum

Most of the remainder of these homes are part-cottage, part-underground, and all charm. Many feature the series’ hallmark round doors, rustic furniture and general earthy tone, but some have taken the interior down an unexpected road, integrating into the primitiveness that defines a Hobbit hut all the comforts of a present-day modern home located outside Hobbiton.

Hobbit Homes Round Doorway

Source: Ninja Cam

Hobbit Home Double Garage

Source: Flickr

Hobbit Homes Rickety Stairs

Source: Ninja Cam

Hobbit Home Arc Doorway

Source: WordPress

Hobbit Home Interior With Occupant

Source: Associerge

Hobbit Home Antler Roof Kitchen

Source: Priceonomics

Pointy Roof Home

Source: Tech Flesh

Hobbit Home Celtic

Source: Ninja Cam

Hobbit Home Log Porch

Source: Ninja Cam

Modern Kitchen Hobbits

Source: iO9

Hobbit Homes Village Square

Source: iO9

Hobbit Home Bedroom

Source: iO9

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