Selfie Trend Put Into Perspective: The Total Number Of Selfie-Related Deaths Since 2014

Published February 3, 2016
Updated December 13, 2017
Published February 3, 2016
Updated December 13, 2017

Humans take 93 million selfies per day. And if that number disturbs you, just wait until you see this infographic breakdown of selfie deaths.

Selfie Deaths In The World

Russian daredevil Instagrammer Kirill Oreshkin (top). Image Source: Kirill Oreshkin / Instagram

Even if you’re not among the 95% of millennials that take selfies, you know that the selfie is the reigning king of amateur photography. According to a wave of recent reporting, the prevalence of selfies is utterly staggering: the average millennial will take 25,700 in their lifetime; it is claimed that females aged 16 to 25 spend five hours taking selfies per week; and on average, 93 million selfies are taken worldwide each day.

But perhaps the most shocking statistic involves a far smaller number: 49. That’s the number of people that have died taking a selfie since just 2014.

People dying while attempting to snap the perfect photo of themself isn’t new or breaking news, of course: Mashable took on the selfie/death relation in 2015, when they figured out that there were more selfie deaths than deaths by shark attack that year. But to track the true impact of the selfie on the human psyche, Priceonomics compiled every reported selfie-related death from 2014 to 2016. The raw stats: 49 deaths, 73.5 percent of which were male, with an average age of 21.

Digital Trends found that 30 percent of all photos 18 to 24-year-olds take are selfies. That alone is a little disturbing, but puts the average selfie-death age into perspective.

Nickolaus Hines
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