Seven Bizarre Festivals From Around The World

Published July 21, 2011
Updated January 12, 2018

The Monkey Buffet Festival, Thailand

Monkey Buffet Festival of Thailand

In Thailand, an annual feast is held for approximately 600 monkeys. The Monkey Buffet Festival is held in honor of the Hindu God Ram and Hanuman (the Monkey King), and involves 3,000kg of vegetables and fruits being laid out for monkeys to gorge on.

Monkey Buffet Thailand

Bizarre Festivals Monkey Buffet

The Testicle Festival, Montana, USA

Testicle Festival

The Testicle Festival is held in Rock Creek Lodge in Montana, USA. The Festival is strictly adults-only considering it revolves around eating bull’s testicles – the famous Rocky Mountain Oysters. It also involves oil wrestling, wet t-shirt competitions, public nudity, and a “No Panty Wednesday”, where revelers are given a free drink for their underwear.

Bizarre Festivals Testicle Festival

Rocky Mountain Oyster Festival