Nine Weird And Wonderful Hotels Across The World

Published July 25, 2011
Updated January 22, 2024

In these weird and wonderful hotels - from sea critters to freezing temperatures - travelers don't have to look beyond their enclosed walls for a thrill.

For the average traveler, a hotel room is merely a rest stop, with the real adventure starting once you leave its comfort. But in these weird and wonderful hotels – from sea critters to freezing temperatures – trekkers don’t have to look beyond their enclosed walls for a thrill:

Weird Hotels: Capsule Hotel, Japan

Capsule Hotel of Japan

If you’re claustrophobic, opt against the Capsule Hotel in Japan. True to its name, the space-saving, dirt-cheap accommodation is a stack of fiberglass blocks, measuring 2m by 1m by 1.25m, with just enough room to sleep in. Despite the cost-saving, overnight solution, the hotel is fully equipped with wireless, television and communal laundry rooms.

Weird Hotels Capsule Hotel

Capsule Hotel

Poseidon Undersea Resort, Fiji

Underwater Sea Resort

Under the sea, in an octopus’ garden in the shade, lies the Poseidon Undersea Resort. Conceived by the president of U.S Submarines, L. Bruce Jones, the hotel is constructed 40 feet under crystal clear waters of a 5,000 acre Fiji lagoon.

It’s accessed by an elevator and consists of three types of accommodation – above the ground with a private beach, over the water, and on the ocean floor. If you have thousands to fork over a night, you’re privy to a fully equipped luxury hotel – spa, bar, restaurant, and gym to boot – with panoramic views of the ocean and its critters, making it one of the world’s most wonderful hotels.

Poseidon Underwater Hotel Picture

Weird And Wonderful Hotels Poseidon Hotel

The Ice Hotel, Sweden

Ice Hotel of Sweden

We definitely don’t envy the builders of this Ice Hotel in Sweden, who have to re-construct it every winter. But we can definitely appreciate the picturesque accommodation, constructed entirely from tons of ice and snow blocks taken from the Torne River, cemented with ice, and fitted with breathtaking ice sculptures, an ice bar and ice chandeliers.

Though the temperature never drops below 23 degrees Fahrenheit, guests are provided with thermal underwear and hats, and sleep on sleeping bags atop of a thick mattress with reindeer skins on a block of ice.

Ice Hotel

Wonderful Hotels Ice Hotel

Ice Hotel Weird and Wonderful Hotels

Forest Hut Hotel, Sweden

Forest Hut Hotel of Sweden

Discarding the comforts of the modern world, the Forest Hut Hotel in Kolarbyn, Sweden, makes roughing it sound fun. The huts are located in a glade beside the Lake Skärsjön, and espouse a simple, primitive form of living, with candle-lit rooms, shared outhouses, lake or creek as your option for bathing, crackling fire, and the sight, smell and sounds of the forest to entertain you. Food is also self-catered, with the nearest supermarket a two mile drive.

Weird Hotels Forest Hut

Forest Hut Hotel

Weird & Wonderful Hotels: Sewage Pipe Hotel, Austria

Sewage Pipe Hotel

In Ottensheim, Austria, individual sewage pipes – fitted with double beds and cleaned of their waste – line a public park. Like their Japanese capsule counterparts, the tube rooms provide little space to maneuver, but are fitted with lamps, doors, power outlet, and even a small window. The concept was created by Austrian artist, Andreas Strauss, and considering they’re sewage pipes, guests can pay what they can afford in support of the project.

Wonderful Hotels Sewage Pipe Hotel

Wild Canopy Reserve, India

Wild Canopy Reserve

The Wild Canopy Reserve, in the Mudumalai National Park, Masinagudi, India, puts all childhood tree houses to shame. Two deluxe tree houses sit 41 feet above the ground, with a panoramic view of the wildlife – elephant, bison, and deer – below. Though there is no electricity, the suites are fully equipped with a private library, en-suite toilet, running water and even a Jacuzzi.

Wild Canopy Hotels

Nine Weird And Wonderful Hotels

Propeller Island City Lodge, Germany

Propeller Island City Lodge

Germany’s capital boasts of perhaps the most innovative and creative hotel in the world. The lodge – or more aptly, work of art – has 30 rooms with mind blowing interior designs, created by the German artist, Lars Storschen.

His artistic vision manifests into the bold, bizarre and beautiful suite decors, including, the Mirror Room, Gruft room, Two Lions room, Upside Down room, and Wrapped room.

Wonderful Hotels Propeller Island City Lodge

The Hobbit Motel, Woodlyn Park, New Zealand

Hobbit Motel of New Zealand

Lord of the Rings enthusiasts, eat your heart out. These pint-sized, barrel-shaped motel rooms are in honor of that little film, and are located in Waiton, New Zealand. Built under a hill, the rooms are reminiscent of Hobbiton, without sacrificing modern day amenities.

Hobbit Hotel Photograph

Weird and Wonderful Hotels Hobbit Hotel

Magic Mountain Hotel, Chile

Magic Mountain Hotel of Chile Picture

The architecturally amazing Magic Mountain Hotel in Chile is all odd-angles and awe-inspiring scenery. The hotel was named after the owner’s favorite book, which narrates the tale of a wish-fulfilling mountain. And with a fairytale-like waterfall cascading from the pinnacle of the roof, forest surroundings, and animals soaring overhead or scurrying down below, it’s hard to believe magic doesn’t happen here.

Magic Mountain Hotel Photograph

Weird Hotels

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