Strange Spa Treatments From Around The World

Published January 6, 2014
Updated January 19, 2018
Strange Spa Treatments Snails

Source: Geekologie

Tokyo has the African snail slime facial market cornered. The snail slime facial is probably only half as moisturizing as it is disgusting – though it does purport to reduce visible signs of aging and has anti-inflammation properties. Don’t think that such natural ingredients mean this treatment will run cheap, though— it’ll cost you about $250.

Unless you suffer from hay fever, you simply must try this hay bath treatment -which sounds less like a beauty treatment and more like an unfortunate farming accident. This itchy sounding ‘luxury’ has been a tradition for over 100 years in Italy. When heated to 40 degrees Celsius, they say the straw helps to detoxify the body.

Attention, chocoholics! Get on the next train to Colorado and get yourself chocolate-dipped. A bad mood buster and stress reducer, a chocolate massage starts at $100, and while this might seem a little steep, is probably cheaper than a do-it-yourself job at home. So indulge.

Fire-Cupping therapy from China: it’s an ancient form of alternative medicine and quite a jarring way to spend an afternoon. A professional (yes, leave this to professionals) will place a cup of fire upon your back. With the fire burning inside the cup, the oxygen is depleted, creating a vacuum that sucks out toxins and increases blood flow. My blood flow has increased just thinking about this; do I owe someone money?

Ever wanted to feel like Goldfinger from the James Bond movies? The Japanese gold facial is supposed to remove fine lines and wrinkles, enhance moisture, soften the skin, and (undoubtedly) empty the wallet.

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