29 Celebrities With Their Stunt Double Doppelgängers

Published April 19, 2017
Updated September 29, 2017
Bowie Labyrinth
David Bowie with his Goblin King stunt performer from "Labyrinth." Pinterest

Taxi Driver
Jodie Foster’s sister was her stunt double in "Taxi Driver." Pinterest

Harrison Ford
Harrison Ford told his stunt double, “If you learn to talk, I’m in deep trouble.” Pinterest

Back To Future
Michael J. Fox required stunt performers for both the present and future. reddit

Stunt Doubles Bane Batman
Tom Hardy and his Bane character double on the set of "Batman: The Dark Knight Rises." Imgur

Sound Of Music
Julie Andrews and her "Sound of Music" double looking very serious. Pinterest

Stunt Doubles Norman Walking Dead
Norman Reedus and his "Walking Dead" stunt performer.Pinterest

Stunt Doubles Grint
Rupert Grint side-by-side with his stunt performer.

Outlander Claire
Caitriona Balfe of "Outlander" and her double share a moment.Pinterest

Mads Hannibal
Mads Mikkelsen shares his "Hannibal" action with his bloodied double. Pinterest

Kurt Russel
Kurt Russell needed his double's help in "Escaping from L.A." Pinterest

Ramis Ghostbusters
Harold Ramis and an unsung Ghostbuster.Pinterest

Laurel Hardy
Even Laurel and Hardy needed stunt doubles. Pinterest

Carrie Fisher Double
What’s better than one slave Leia? Not much, say men everywhere. Twisted Sifter

Chandler Riggs Double
Everyone’s favorite disobedient young zombie killer, Carl, with his double -a woman in her 30s. Huffington Post

Stunt Doubles Hemsworth
Indeed, Chris Hemsworth has a true lookalike. Fit 'n Flexed

Even our beloved Guardians need help saving the world. Screen Burn

Alyson Hannigan Double
Willow and her evil twin, triplet, and quadruplet on the set of "Buffy." Twisted Sifter

Andrew Garfield Double
Spidey-sense lessons from Andrew Garfield. Huffington Post

Stunt Doubles Danny Trejo
Danny Trejo and double Norm Mora. Taringa

Stunt Doubles Sparrow
The makeup and wardrobe crew get to create Captain Jack Sparrow twice every day. Fit 'n Flexed

Stunt Doubles Chan
Jackie Chan and his stunt double.Fit 'n Flexed

Stunt Doubles Lopez
Jennifer Lopez’s double – yes, that’s a man. Twisted Sifter

Robert Pattinson Double
Robert Pattinson and his film double.Twisted Sifter

Stunt Doubles Johansson
Scarlett Johansson and her very convincing double. New York Daily News

Stunt Doubles Space Balls
The shot that introduced a certain age group to the very existence of stunt doubles. Tumblr

Stunt Doubles Hobbit
Elijah Wood and his "Lord of the Rings" scale double.Over 3000

Stunt Doubles Rock
Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and body double on the set of "Pain and Gain." Huffington Post

Stunt Doubles Wonder Woman
Seeing double Wonder Women.The Richest

With the rise of online streaming services, the film industry increasingly depends on high-impact visual effects to get people into theaters. Even if seldom-acknowledged, stunt doubles play an essential part in ensuring that audiences receive the action they anticipate. After all, you can’t do everything with CGI (and trust us, Hollywood, we don’t want you to).

Put simply, stunt doubling requires a certain corporeal intelligence that most actors lack -- and that intelligence can save a production from blowing the budget. As Machete Actor Danny Trejo said,"...I don’t want to risk 80 people’s jobs just so I can say I have big nuts. I don’t want to say that. Norm Mora is my stunt man, that’s his profession."

Since doubles and their actors need to seem -- even from a distance -- like the same person, the duos tend to bond during production. Some actors stick with the same stunt double for many different films, with people on the street even mistaking them for the actual celebrity. Above, check out these stunt doubles in action -- and see if you can spot the difference between his or her actor partner.

For more peeks into the film production world, check out these behind-the-scenes photos from your favorite movies.

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