Tanaka Tatsuya Transforms The Mundane Into The Magical

Published September 13, 2014
Updated February 1, 2018

Tanaka Tatsuya's work -- taking every day objects and turning them into playful scenes -- proves that imagination doesn't have to die when your youth does.

Tanaka Tatsuya approaches each day with a challenge in mind: to see mundane items in a new way. Maybe that broccoli is actually a mystical forest, or that discarded water bottle a submarine. This ever-evolving view of everyday objects has become a daily labor of love for over three years.

Since then, Tanaka Tatsuya has created miniature dioramas out of food, trinkets, and other everyday items and posted them to his ‘Miniature Calendar’ online project. When asked about the inspiration for such a project, Tatsuya responded; “Everyone must have had similar thoughts at least once.”

Tanaka Tatsuya has maintained the level of imagination and love of play that most of us lose as we venture into adulthood. His miniature dioramas let us steal a glimpse at what we have left behind:

Tanaka Tatsuya Aquarium
Attack On Titan
Tanaka Tatsuya Mini Sculptures
Coke Surfer
Tanaka Tatsuya Transforms The Mundane Into The Magical
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