99 Inspirational Quotes That Are Guaranteed To Change Your Life

Published September 13, 2014
Updated August 25, 2017

The wonderful thing about life is that beautiful minds like Gandhi, Bruce Lee, and Benjamin Franklin have passed down their wisdom from a multitude of experiences to help you grow as a person and triumph over adversity. From business to love to faith to finding success, these ninety-nine inspirational quotes will get you prepared to take life head on in every aspect:

Motivational Quotes

The Secret Of Getting Ahead

Do Your Thing

Awesome Inspirational Quotes

Inspirational Quotes Expect PRoblems

The Best Revenge

Shaq On Doing Things Today

We Must Do

Michael Jordan

Steve Jobs Quote

Two Things That Define You

Maya Angelou Quote

Dr. Seuss On Reading

The Primary Cause Of Unhappiness

Living Our Fears

Quotes On Inspiration

Simone De Beauvoir Quote

Albert Einstein On Learning The Rules Of The Game

Respect Yourself

Oprah Winfrey What You Have In Life

Our Greatest Weakness

Never Take Excuses

Lessons In Defeat

Motivational Quote

Motivational And Inspirational Quotes

The Years Of Struggle

Mark Twain Quote

Make A Brand New Ending

Marc Jacobs On Individuality

Louie CK On Being Young

Life Is Happening Now

Limitations Only Exist In The Mind

Live A Good Life

Lift Up Someone Else

Benjamin Franklin Inspirational Quotes

Life Goes On

How Life Begins

TE Lawrence All Men Dream

Keep Your Thoughts Positive

Defeat Is A State Of Mind

John Lennon Quote

Jack Lalanne Quote

JK Rowling On Failure

Ralph Waldo Emerson Quote

The Value Of Persistence

Inspirational Quote

It Might Have Been

Motivational Maya Angelou Quote

Albert Einstein On Making Mistakes

Ann Landers Quote

Michelangelo On Sculpting

Arnold Schwarzenegger Quote

Babe Ruth On Strikes

Best Inspirational Quotes

Bill Cosby On Success

Bob Dylan Quote On Money

Bruce Lee Inspirational Quotes

Buddha Quote

Inspirational Quotes JK Rowling

Inspirational Quotes Aristotle

Carl Sagan Quote

Why We Struggle With Insecurity

Changing Your Attitude

Charles Bukowski Quote

Inspirational Quotes On Strength

Inspirational Quotes

Charles Darwin On Change

Choose Your Own Way

Lao Tzu Quote

Create A Life

Dalai Lama On Luck

Dr. Seuss Quote

Everything Has Beauty

Faith Is Taking The First Step

Inspirational Quotes Focus

Vincent Van Gogh On Dying Of Passion

Funny Inspirational Quotes

Winston Churchill On Success

Henry Ford On Can And Cannot

Henry Rollins On The Best Revenge

Inspirational Quotes Bend Don't Break

Homer Simpson Inspirational Quotes On Love

How To Become Great

If You Are Going Through Hell

Improving The World

Inspirational Quote On Changing The World

Inspirational Quotes About Business

What Ships Are For

Inspirational Quotes Build Your Own Dreams

Inspirational Quotes By Henry Ford

Inspirational Quotes On Business

Inspirational Quotes On Moving

Inspirational Quotes On Success

Don't Put Limits

Inspirational Quotes Pictures

Inspirational Quotes Silent About Things That Matter

Yearn For The Sea

Inspirational Quotes We Are Full Of Shit

Your Time Is Limited

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